Adding A Search Engine Friendly Forum

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Adding forums to your websites with a SEO company in Los Angeles is one of the best ways to increase your traffic and revenue.

A forum can increase your traffic and ranking because:

  1. it adds many content pages to your site
  2. each of these forum pages should link to your main pages using the proper anchor text
  3. your forum pages also participate in the rankings and can draw additional traffic from queries that match words in the forum posts

More traffic should turn into more revenue. A forum is a great way to turn your site into a community. Forum members will be exposed to the ads that you show. Even if you lose your ranking positions for some reasons, loyal forum members will still make you decent traffic and revenue.

What is a Search Engine Friendly Forum?

The major problem with forums is the usage of sessionIDs. SessionIDs are URL parameters that are used to identify forum visitors. They look like this: When you first open a forum page, you are assigned a unique sessionID parameter, which is added to all the forum URLs that you visit. The forum script will identify you by this unique session value. That situation creates many different URLs for the same pages. From a search engine point of view, this is a lot of duplicate content (many urls with the same content).

To make your forum spider-friendly you simply have to get rid of the sessionIDs. Unfortunately, most popular forums need additional modifications to implement this behavior.

Crawlers behave just like anonymous visitors. A search engine friendly forum is a forum that does not use sessionIDs for guest visitors. Additionally, I recommend that you disable sessionIDs for the visitors who have cookies enabled. You can find the solution at the bottom of this article.

Do I need to take out the other parameters?

Some optimizers and webmasters go further and make URLs without parameters. For example: may become

These modifications are somewhat harder and more technical to do, and I think they are unnecessary. It is true that search engines crawl dynamic content a bit slower, but that won’t matter. There is a difference between crawling pages at a slower pace and crawling pages less often. Dynamic pages are not crawled less often. They are crawled more slowly. Crawlers request dynamic content at a slower pace because too many concurrent requests will slow down your server and may even lead to database/server crashes. Getting rid of dynamic URLs may have an advantage though – easier to remember URLs and higher CTR on the SERPs.

Some webmasters make their forum urls look like this: Here instead of dynamic parameters, the urls are passed as subdirectories. I am against these types of modifications, because the number of “/”s in the urls play a role in the calculation of the crawling priority of a page. Google will crawl pages with more “/”s less often. In one of the Google patents, there’s ranking score mentioned which devalues URLs with more ‘/’s. These “search engine friendly” urls mean being crawled less often and having lower rankings.

So what is the perfect forum URL?

The perfect forum URL has a minimal number of slashes. You can achieve this by placing the forums on a subdomain or in the main directory of a site. Examples: and

Other modifications you should make:

  1. On your forum pages, put as many links as possible to your main content pages using the appropriate anchor text. Doing so, will increase the rankings of your main pages by diverting PageRank to them and increasing anchor text hits.
  2. Get more link popularity (importance) per content page

Most forum scripts inflate the number of non-content pages on your website. They do so by creating a myriad of non-content pages, which have no chance of ranking well (member profiles, member lists, reply to every post, reply with quote etc.). All non-content pages which have no business ranking, dilute the link popularity of all pages on your site.

It is common sense: if you have a given amount of link popularity from your incoming links, the more pages you have, the less importance each page will get! By the way, this inverse relationship between link popularity and the number of pages is not linear.

So how do I minimize the number of non-content pages in a forum?

I have searched for a script that hides all non-content pages from the search engines and couldn’t find one. That’s why I created SEO-Board, which is optimized in this regard. SEO-Board minimizes the number of non-content pages by calling them using form buttons that look like links. That prevents search engines from crawling them and adding them to the index. All other solutions (nofollow tags, robots.txt) only prevent the crawling, not the addition of these pages to the index. Adding pages to the index dilutes link popularity (these links by the way are dangling). To modify any of the good big boards to hide all non-content pages will require a lot of work.


The truth is you are not the only person concerned about online marketing

Every day, there are thousands of new marketers venturing into the online businesses to make money on the internet. Most of them fail to could not make a start, especially the beginners, because they are kept from the truth about internet marketing. However, the truth is you are not only the person concerned about online marketing, but also everyone should know about the following untold truths about internet marketing that includes,

Online marketing is not easy

When you get started the new business, it takes some time, discipline and sacrifice, especially when you juggle between your current job and your internet business. You have to spend the amount of time and money to learn, plan and test the strategies. Once you have made a breakthrough, it will be easier for you to duplicate the success into your niche market.

Internet business is not for everyone

To be a successful internet marketer, you need to have the passion and dedication into what you do, because it is a real business. Without these, your business would not survive long. You must also be able to build the relationship with your customers and other fellow marketers, because you cannot succeed by yourself.

You cannot get rich quick on the internet

Success does not happen overnight for newbies. It is tough to grab your share of profit. You have to do some thorough research and find out what people really want to build trust and provide solutions to them.

It is not free to do business online

When compared to offline business, the start-up cost with online business is much lower for hosting, maintenance cost on domain set-up and internet connection. Knowing what is necessary and what is not about making money online that saves you a lot of time and money.

You must have an own business plan

Having a right business plan is like building a house with the right foundation. Many new marketers are jumped into the online business without a plan, so they don’t went wrong later. Make sure to have a business plan and understand everything about it.

 Not taking your business seriously

The amount of money need to start an online business is substantially less than the money needed for a mortar business. Getting started online can take very small amount as little as $500 to $5000.

You will spend more time than you think working your business

When you start their own home business, they will have to work for a few hours per day or a few days per week. Building a business takes many hours per day and a lot of times.

Success does not come easily or quickly

To achieve success, you need to work for your business 7 days per week.

You will need to market and advertise offline as well

The success on business is not only posting a few ads and grabs on the email groups per day, but also need to market as well as advertise offline as well.

Building your own successful business is very rewarding

Building a successful business can boosts your self confidence, gives you a pride feel, makes you feel complete and also gives you a purpose.